Midwifery Services is committed to offering homebirth maternity services, gynecology and holistic woman-centered care to clients throughout the southeastern North Carolina region. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Established in 2009, Midwifery Services has been built on over 35 years of midwifery experience. Our team has a reputation for providing quality care that meets the unique individual needs of our clients and their families.

Our homebirth services include prenatal care, nutritional support, childbirth preparation, labor and birth, and postpartum mother and newborn care. Our team trusts the birth process and a woman’s ability to give birth naturally. We believe every birth is special, sacred, and an opportunity for learning and growth for everyone involved. Women who are given the chance to birth in their own way with the support they need are able to become fully empowered by the incredible experience of birth. It is a rite of passage through which Midwifery Services believes every woman and family should be supported.

Midwifery Services serves the southeastern region of North Carolina including Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead, Jacksonville, Southport, Supply, Shalotte, Winnabow, Elizabethtown, Whiteville, Currie, Burgaw, Willard, Warsaw, Clinton, Delco, Wallace, Chadbourne and the surrounding areas.

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