1. - Order your birth kit from one of the 2 companies listed on our site. Be sure you order the waterbirth kit option if you are planning to use the birth tub during labor.

  2. - If you are choosing to use K quinone, it is not included in the customized birth kits. You will need to add it to your cart when ordering your birth kit online.

  3. - Gather the additional birth supplies listed here. We recommend using a large plastic tub or bin to keep all of these additional birth supplies and linens together in one place.

  4. - Think about where you plan to labor in/around your home, including where you may want to place the tub. It is about 6′ in diameter, and the hose that comes in your birth kit is 25′ long. Take these things into consideration when thinking about tub placement.

  5. - Start to work on a birth plan in the event that a transport is necessary. We will be happy to review a draft of your birth plan with you at one of your prenatal appointments. Once your birth plan is finalized, please bring a copy to a prenatal visit and include a copy with your “in case” bag.

  6. - Set up and install your baby’s carseat in one of your vehicles. Follow the instructions included with your carseat. Afterward, we strongly suggest checking with a local car seat technician. Details about how to arrange a car seat check can be found at the following links.